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Pingxi District
Jingtongkeng Station
(Jingtong Old Street)
Jingtong Station is the final station along the TRA Pingxi sub railway line.
Jingtongkeng used to be a prosperous village because of the mining production. Since the mining industry started to decline and was gone forever, there are plenty of relics of the mining pits built in early years.
Walking into the Jingtong Old Street, there are plenty of daily necessities and snacks featuring the traditional Taiwanese society almost anywhere as if you were walking into past time through a time machine! The floor was covered with stone tiles leading all visitors to walk into the past to experience a past time glory and its history.
Event: The Dream Come True Bamboo Lucky Charm, the Sky Lantern activity of Police et vous.

Tourist Attractions: Takao Railway Museum, Coal Mine Memorial Park, Japanese-style dormitories, Jingtong Sky Lantern Police Station (Pingxi Precinct), Jingtong Coal-Mine Museum.

ADD: Jingtong Old Street in Pingxi District, New Taipei City.
Jingtong Sky Lantern Police Station
(Pingxi Precinct)

The unique Composite Tourism Police Station, the “Pingxi Precinct” is a 9-meter tall police station made of glass featuring sky lantern shape. It’s a rare station one can hardly find anywhere else in the world to share happiness of the local Pingxi people through its dazzling appearance. In addition to enjoy watching the light show, the sky lantern police station also offers a customized service to let people release the “Police et vous Sky Lantern”, which can make dreams come true.

Opening hours:
Precinct: 24 hours.

Tourist Service Counter and shops open: from 10:00 -21:00 on weekdays/09:00-20:00 on holidays.

The Light Show of the Police et vous Sky Lantern starts: from 16:00-19:00 on weekdays/16:00-20:00 on holidays.

Event: the Sky Lantern activity of Police et vous.

ADD: No.141, Sec. 2, Jing’an Rd., Pingxi Dist., New Taipei City.
Pingxi (Old Street) Station
Built along the hills, the station is very close to the waterfalls and Potholes, and other peculiar natural landscapes. Plenty of old houses were built along the Pingxi Old Street based on its landform. Houses like the Traditional Taiwanese Grocery Store, local street food, and traditional vendors that sell the agricultural products are places to visit and experience the archaic feelings of the past where Taiwanese people used to live a simple and humble life along the old street. Many TV commercials and filmmakers choose to shoot their films here as well. For all visitors, why not relax and take a stroll along the old street, and taste the local street food?
Event: The Train that Passes by the Front Door, Search for the Traditional Taiwanese Grocery Store.

Tourist Attractions: Jun Ya Avenue, Japanese-style air defense, Pingxi Taro Ball Shop.

ADD: Pingxi Old Street in Pingxi District, New Taipei City.
Shifen (Old Street) Station
The most spectacular street wonder in Taiwan along the Shifen Old Street should be the “Train that passes by the front door”, which captures the eyes of visitors. Along the narrow old street, the train passes right through the two rows of houses. Without any hindrance, visitors can have a closer look at the train without much distance. For visitors, why not walk around the old street and taste the local street food? You can also buy some souvenirs here that feature the local specialty.
Event: The Train that Passes by the Front Door.

Tourist Attractions: Shifen Old Street, Jingan Suspension Bridge.

ADD: Shifen Old Street in Pingxi District, New Taipei City.
Shifen Waterfall
(Shifen Visitor Center)
Shifen Waterfall is a must-visit tourist attraction in Pingxi District. Walking along the green tunnel walking trail, one can reach the waterfall after a 10-minute walk starting from the front road of Shifen Visitor Center in Sihguang. The wind blows softly and there are lush green trees everywhere. The river goes rambling along the trail as you walk in slight footsteps. It’s so refreshing. Finally, you can hear the roaring sound of the waterfall at the destination. Shifen Waterfall is located in the midst of the forest mountains surrounded by lush green trees. It is the widest curtain waterfall in Taiwan. Its torrential water swiftly falls down to the deep pond below passing through the tilted rock layers. It’s 20-meter deep. The misty moisture and Phytoncide down the waterfall makes people want to take a deep breath. There’s a rainbow across the waterfall under the sunlight. The place looks mystical and magical. There are three zones to watch the waterfall. Visitors can appreciate the beauty of waterfall from different angles. The first and second zones to watch the waterfall are much stiffer. It is highly recommended that the elderly and the disabled to go to the third zone to watch the waterfall. Crossing the Keelung River, the Sihguang Pond Suspension Bridge is located right next to the visitor center. Visitors can watch the Sihguang Pond created by a U-turn made by the Keelung River and the spectacular view of the pothole. Visitors can walk to the suspension bridge to watch the waterfall after walking along the landscape wooden walking trail at the back of the Visitor Center. There is a Yanjindong Waterfall that looks just like the shape of the eyeglasses if you peep through the waterfall when standing on the bridge. Although the bridge is not high, the flowing water falling down from the two holes in the middle of the rock creates the funny scenery that allows people with plenty of imagination.
Opening hours:

Summer time starts from 9 am to enter the park, and the last entrance permission is at 17:30 (from June to September).

Winter time starts from 9 am to enter the park, and the last entrance permission is at 16:30 (from October to May).

ADD: Shifen Waterfall: No.10, Gankeng Rd., Nanshan Vil., Pingxi Dist., New Taipei City.

Shifen Visitor Center: No.136, Nanshanping, Pingxi Dist., New Taipei City.
Qinghe Station
(Wanggu Station)
The origin of its name starts from a man named Hu Jie who came from Quanzhou during the Era of Emperor Sian Feng according to the literature. It was said that the man came to explore the mining business here and built a mining pit. The place was destroyed by the flood later, and that’s why it was called the “dead mining pit”. After the Japanese came to rule the place, it was renamed as “Wanggu Keng”. Since the place is not rich in soil, people hardly came to explore or settle down here in early stage. The business doesn’t work out until it started to develop in later years in Pingxi District. Wanggu Station used to be called Qinghe Station. Like the Dahua Station, this station was built because of a staff’s request for mining excavation. However, the station was actually being used as a staffless station at the beginning of its installment in 1972.
Tourist Attractions: Wanggu Station, Wanggu Waterfall, and Mt. Lingjiaoliao Walking Trail.

ADD: Wanggu Station in Pingxi District, New Taipei City.
Tianzi Station
(Lingjiao Station)
Lingjiao Station is located in a past mining town in Lingjiao District. The station is just as an old miner silently standing in the village, and its long platform in arch shape resembles the on the miner’s face seamed with wrinkles as if it were telling the glorious past by sharing memories in silence. Lingjiao Station was built for transporting the coals. The railway made a U turn here; therefore, the platform was designed into an arch shape at 108 degrees. There were at least 4 mining pits right over here to serve as the coal storage and starting point to transport the mine and coals in the past when mining and coals excavation started to thrive. After the decline of mining industry, the big arch-shaped railway still carries on its mission to give passengers and visitors a ride as if it were still smiling at people. Outside the station, there is a quiet Lingjiao Old Street. Plenty of households and houses made of bricks were built along the street. There’s a double western building made of red bricks built by the past tycoon of mining industry, Mr. Tsai Cuan. The Century-Old Temple of the Land Deity and Lingjiao Waterfall are all good places to visit and experience the traditional Taiwanese early life at leisure hours once in a while.
Tourist Attractions: Lingjiao Station, The Tsai Residence, Century-Old Land Deity, Lingyen Mountain Temple (Dishueiguanyin), Lingjiaoliao Mountain Walking Trail.

ADD: Lingjiao Station in Pingxi District, New Taipei City.
Shiding District
Shiding Old Street
This is the earliest pioneering area in Shiding District. The stone bridge called Wanshou Bridge has divided the street into two parts, the east street and the west street. The west street started to develop faster than the east street; yet, the east street is more prosperous. The Stone House in Shiding, its century-old tofu shop, the architecture of the Diaojiaolou stilted building, and the Bu-Jian-Tian-Jie street where no one can see the sky are all the tourist attractions one shall never miss out. The century-old blacksmith shop is a particular location where one can hear the clang sound of making the iron utensils on that quiet old street, which creates an atmosphere of nostalgia.
Tourist Attractions:Stone House, the Century-Old Tofu Shop, the architecture of the Diaojiaolou stilted building, and the Bu-Jian-Tian-Jie street where no one can see the sky.

ADD:Shidin Old Street in Shidin District, New Taipei City.
Shenkeng District
Shengkeng(Old Street)
Famous for its tofu speciality, the Shengkeng Old Street is a typical arch building made of red bricks. Its major landmarks feature with the century-old tress. As walking along the old street, there are visible archaic architectures almost anywhere you can find! A typical local specialty food in Shengkeng is made of “tofu, green bamboo shoots, black pork, and tea leaves”, which creates a brand image for local tourism known as the “Shengkeng Culture featuring the four typical ingredients”. Local culture, great food, and unique shopping experience were integrated into each other. It allows the visitors to take a private tour to experience the local flavors with much profound travelling experience.
Tourist Attractions: Yong-an House, Fu-an House, and the verandas.
ADD: Shengkeng Old Street in Shengkeng District, New Taipei City.
Accompany Mountaintail Farm
Each weekend or holiday, many people who came from Taipei enjoy eating tofu in Shengkeng. In addition to its geographical location, which is pretty near Taipei, Shengkeng is just like as an old song that people will remember for a lifetime. It preserves the simplicity of a small town in early Taiwanese society where you can see plenty of old houses built with red bricks, lush green fields and mountains scattering around this area. Situated in the lush green mountains and forest, “Accompany Mountaintail Farm” is right next to the far mountain range. Its owner Mr. Chen Yuda and Mrs. Chen Yui-Ying dares to dream big. They gave up their previous jobs at an interior design company and moved to the mountainside to grow vegetables, and raise chicken while living in the mountain area. Since they’ve read a book called “Paozilun Le Pain par Poilane”, they started to do a baker’s job while spending their lifetime in the mountain area. They built the house themselves, and the owner even made his own kiln to burn the woods for baking the bread. They even make the yeasts to bake the bread. They insist on using natural ingredients to make the fresh handmade bread, which tastes really good for its healthy and fresh texture without adding any improvement or leavening agent, and avoid using any chemical compounds such as the oil, sugar, or essence. One mouthful of bread can make people happy. “Accompany Mountaintail Farm” started to run its business since November, 2014. After few years of hard time, the fresh bread is sold out once it was put on the shelf. The farm provides European-style homemade bread, meals, and fresh coffee made from the Kiln baking. Reservation is available to those who want to book a DIY tour to make pizza and play with the dough. Come and experience the pleasure of life. However, the farm will be closed on Monday and Tuesday!
ADD: No.24, Paozilun, Shenkeng Dist., New Taipei City.

TEL: 0911305981

Opening hours: 11:00 - 17:00 except for Monday and Tuesday.

Event: White Kiln, Experiencing how to make pizza DIY.

Tourist Attractions: Paozilun Walking Trail, and Paozilun Waterfall.

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