“Taiwan Smart Travel & Fun Travel Party”— Big offers for the Muzha-Pingxi Line of Taiwan Trip
Bus ticket for Taiwan Trip Pingxi Bus Traveling Light is now available for sale since July 10.    

1. Use ibon to purchase a One Day Pass for only NT$100 with unlimited use when boarding or getting off the bus.
2. This bus route will charge passengers by fees per section. For adults, each section will cost NT$15; for children, it will cost NT$8. There are various ways to charge a passenger according to 3 different sections.
3. The bus route provides payment method by cash or by e-ticket (swapping the card when boarding or getting off a bus).

Consulting channel:
Service Hotline: 0800003307
Bus Dynamic System (02)2728-5284
Shifen Visitor Center (02)2495-8409
Taipei Bus Company (02)2939-1078 (Muzha Dispatch Center)

Waiting room in the terminal Station at the tourist attraction
Leave the station at Exit, and then walk along the street known as Alley 111, Sec. 1, Muzha Rd., and then walk across the street (until arriving at the OK Mart).

Premium One-Day Pass Ticket for the Muzha-Pingxi Line
Discounted price NT$ 200(Price NT$350)

  • One Day Pass for the Muzha-Pingxi Line of Taiwan Trip with Unlimited Rides.
  • Voucher to experience the electric sky lantern at the Sky Lantern Exhibition Hall in the film Police et vous.
  • Coupon for NT$100 off that can be used in Shengkeng and Pingxi Commercial Districts.
How to Use the Ticket:
1. For passengers taking a Taipei Trip Bus from the Muzha-Pingxi Line, unlimited ride is available when boarding or getting off the bus with a One-Day Pass.

2. For passengers first taking the bus, remember to show your ticket to the bus driver when getting off the bus. It’s only available on the day of you purchase it.

3. The voucher to experience the electric sky lantern at the Sky Lantern Exhibition Hall in the film Police et vous can be used to access to the Sky Lantern Exhibition Hall. Passengers can enjoy releasing the electric sky lantern once by showing the voucher.

4. The coupon used for Shengkeng and Pingxi Commercial Districts can be exchanged for equivalent products. At the back of a coupon, there’s a sticker of a variety of stores that feature the “appointed stores along the Muzha-Pingxi Line of Taiwan Trip”. However, the coupon cannot be exchanged for cash or cash refund. When using the coupon to exchange product, please pay extra if the price of your preferred product is worth more than the coupon rate.
Booking Information:
The auction would start at 2pm since July 10!

Phoenix Tours International, Inc: 2537-0000
(For mobile, please dial 02-2537-0000)..
ezTravel: 412-8001
(For mobile, please dial 02-412-8001)..
Physical Store:
Service Counter of ezTravel at the TRA Taipei Station.
Pingxi Bus Traveling Light A - Take a deep breath in the forest by the waterfall, and taste great food.

Discounted price:NT$799(Price NT$1100)


Advised by:Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and communications, R.O.C.
Hosted by:New Taipei City Government.
Organized by:NTPC Travel
Implemented by:Brilliant International Marketing Co., Ltd.
Co-organized by: ezTravel, Phoenix Tours International Inc., Taipei Bus, Pingxi Commercial District Association, and Shengkeng Commercial District Tourism Association.