Bus ticket for Taiwan Trip Pingxi Bus Traveling Light is now available for sale since July 10.

The New Taipei City Government wants to invite the people to experience a whole-new summer vacation to cool down on hot summer days. The traveling light tour on the blue highway features a cruise on the water bus and the Pingxi Bus traveling light along the Muzha-Pingxi Line of Taiwan Trip. It’s now available for limited rides on the sail boat! Today, the New Taipei City Government would like to invite people to have a whole new experience to get closer to the natural environment surrounded by mountains and water to cool down a bit and stay healthy on the hot summer days. It’s 100% refreshing to keep you energetic.

The traveling light tour on the blue highway that sails only on summer days includes two types of tours, a day cruise and a night cruise. Passengers can enjoy watching the beauty of a city in different looks during daytime or nighttime along the Tamshui River. For the day cruise, the “ecological science and art tour” may include an ecological guided tour along the riverbank and the cultural creative life experience to watch the world-famous watchmaker. On the other hand, the “cultural tour in Tamshui” allows the visitor to look into the landscape along the Tamshui River while enjoying the music sound atmosphere. Passengers can explore the guide tour to the historical relics in Tamshui, and visit the film shooting scene of the MV “Secret”. The night cruise sells like hot cakes. Except for the gorgeous Guangdiao Bridge along the riverbank, there’s a “Night Cruise to Cultural DIY Tour” for people to experience how to DIY the national ink production. Another “Night Cruise to chase the wind along the river” is also available for those who aspire for a leisure tour on cycling. All night cruises offer a triple feast where the popular handmade fresh bread and music are available. One can also take a romantic premium blue cruise on a midsummer day, and it’s a limited offer. It would be a pity if you happen to miss out the chance.

Traveling light on a bus tour along the Muzha-Pingxi Line of Taiwan Trip, there are two travel routes available to all this year in addition to the premium tickets with discount for self-travelling visitors. The tour to “take a deep breath in the forest by the waterfall, and taste the great food on the Old Street” will show everyone how to experience the largest waterfall in Taiwan to watch the Shifen Waterfall and the Xanadu-like Wanggu Waterfall. People are allowed to experience the negative ion shower by the waterfall and enjoy the Phytoncide in the forest. Take a guided tour along the Pingxi Old Street and drink the rarely found good tea made in Pingxi. An “ecological tour to the small town to make wishes come true and bring you happiness” will take you to visit the small town in Shuangxi, to appreciate the beauty of the lotus in summer time, and to visit the peasant market. Listening to the stories when taking a stroll along the Old Street, and experience the Lohas life in the farm. The two tours will take you to the unique sky lantern police station in Taiwan where you can experience how to release an electric sky lantern in the most eco-friendly way to say your prayers for blessings.

The chief of the Tourism Bureau of New Taipei City, Chen Guo-Jung said the New Taipei City has plenty of natural resources and landscapes like the mountains and water. Foreign or domestic visitors can take their time to enjoy the colorful cultural atmosphere here. Tourism Bureau of New Taipei City keeps working on how to combine the mass transportation with the local facilities to show people a different way of travel. It allows everyone to look into the city and small town in a completely different perspective. According to a latest report released by the Tourism Bureau, the “survey on visitor’s consumer behavior and willingness to visit Taiwan in 2016” shows that Pingxi District, New Taipei City was awarded as No. 3 on the list of the most favorable tourist attractions where foreign visitors would like to visit for the very first time. We continue to promote the Muzha-Pingxi Line of Taiwan Trip to offer foreign and domestic visitors to use the bus to travel to Pingxi. With the bonus ticket now available at local commercial districts, everyone can play around the Pingxi area with a One-Day Pass. Traveling light on the bus tour today can include the water bus on blue highway in New Taipei City. It connects all the peripheral tourist attractions, bicycles, nature and ecology, local featuring food stores, or even the national workshops so that everyone can enjoy the humanistic feelings on the land except for taking a ferry cruise.

Traveling light tour on the water bus on blue highway, the exclusive ticket for Muzha-Pingxi Line of Taiwan Trip, and traveling light on the bus tour would be available for sale at 2pm since July 10. Enjoy the 30% off discount with our limited offer! You can go to the official site of Phoenix Tours Int'l Inc. to book the traveling light tour on the water bus on blue highway. Pricing starts from NT$699 to NT$999 with a limited offer of 750 tickets. For a small tour to Pingxi, you can go online to check at the ezTravel website. Pricing starts from NT$799 to NT$899 with a limited offer of 1000 tickets. The exclusive ticket for Taiwan Trip may include an unlimited rides on the day of you purchase, coupons to use at commercial districts, and the voucher to release the electric sky lantern in Pingxi. The original price should be more than NT$350; however, you can get a discounted price at NT$200 with limited offer of 2000 tickets. Everyone can use the 24-hour online booking service at the Phoenix and ezTravel websites, or go to the website of NTPC Travel at (http://tour.ntpc.gov.tw) for more information and latest campaigns.

Advised by:Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and communications, R.O.C.    
Hosted by:New Taipei City Government.
Organized by:NTPC Travel
Implemented by:Brilliant International Marketing Co., Ltd.
Co-organized by: ezTravel, Phoenix Tours International Inc., Taipei Bus, Pingxi Commercial District Association, and Shengkeng Commercial District Tourism Association.